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It is a flavor oil and almond intense fruity olive herbs. It is obtained from varieties of olives own area by first cold pressed by mechanical means. It is a culinary use vegetable oil based around the freshly harvested fruit to delight the palate ... The extra virgin olive oil is very beneficial to health, it is recommended for all ages. Some of the advantages offered by the consumption of olive oil are: - contains vitamin E and the antioxidant effect, prevents oxidation of LDL cholesterol, leading to the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques, preventing proper blood flow through the arterial system . - Polyphenols: possess antioxidant, prevents cell aging and formation of cancerous substances. - Monounsaturated fats: help reduce cholesterol levels or LDL or bad cholesterol. - In diabetics helps sugar levels in the blood, so you need less insulin. - Extra virgin olive oil is filtered very little food, since the chemical changes that occur in the fry are small and slow. Besides the crust is made from food that does not leak their constituents. Therefore, it is the best olive oil for frying. - Help to hardening of the bones, which benefits greatly adults. - Avoid excess cholesterol and helps the assimilation of fat because it promotes the hepatic synthesis of bile salts. - Reduces the esophageal mucosa acid, restricts and regulates gastric emptying into the duodenum, gastric acidity and descends, so that the risk of gastric ulcers is reduced.

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